Is 313 an unlucky number?

Because I’ve gained and lost the 313 follower 5 times in the last week. 


Daenerys putting the Men of GoT to shame.

Throwing Barrels filled with chains…


This is by far one of the best videos I’ve watched in a while! They are so adorable, not to mention I share a name with one of them. 

Parks and Rec - One in 8000

Overall feeling:

The couples head massages

Not just one baby but three


More than one Wyatt-Knope Baby!

April scratching ‘Larry’ Jerry’s back.


Andy’s fake secrets.


Daddy Ron Swanson. 


The OTP to end most OTPs.


I know Amy and Adam are just acting and they aren’t really Ben and Leslie but the way they look at each other though…


This is what I imagine Unicorn pee to look like. Sparkly and magical.

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Hey Joff! I found you a new girlfriend.

She’s blue she won’t judge your purple face.


Too soon!?


I bought, ‘Catching Fire’ on dvd. I look forward to ripping that cellophane off tonight and watching it. I go to find it. It’s missing the cellophane. Someone has opened it.

Angry is not even the word, It was my oldest brother. HE ALWAYS DOES THIS, he doesn’t even ask first. 

It’s like, by all means, take the new film I bought for my entertainment with my money and open it without my permission. Go right ahead, practice your constitutional right to be a complete and utter opportunistic jackass. 

It’s times like these and when he takes my food, my ipad, my space, my hats, my shower stuff … anything he can get his ‘sense of entitlement’ hands on, that I HATE being SIBLINGS!! 

I’ve been awake for 37 hours…

I love sleeping.

But sleep hates me.

I’m hoping tomorrow I will find a lapse in consciousness at some point.

Long Post on ‘Law and Order: Fucking leave Olivia alone Pyschopath.’

Disclaimer: This post has no images of the attacks or incidents in the show because it wasn’t something I’d want to reblog or repost no matter how good the episode was. But if you don’t like swearing, this isn’t the post for you - sorry but it’s the truest reaction I had.

So here we go… but before I do anything!



Lady, you are a class act. I smell a certain award nomination in the air:


Also Pablo Schreiber…

You play psycho well my friend. Ding. ding. ding.


'Beast's Obsession'

Before the episode started.

benedict cumberbatch because of reasons gif

Constant thought before Liv went to meet Lewis… don’t do anything silly, Liv.





shit shit shit concerned gif

The attack.

internally screaming benedict cumberbatch gif

Everytime the trigger got pulled 

didn't know i'd have to be a rich bastard to have a cute cat gif

The ending.


I am equal parts: filled with admiration for the writers, crew and the actors who portrayed such an intense story line - that is so actively important and horrifying. 

As I am in state of emotional boggledness that I’ve only ever felt after watching ‘The Pianist’ and ‘Twelve Years a Slave’. Good and horrid job people of SUV.


I need to… I don’t know. Take a sedative maybe.

Parks and Rec: Flu Season 2

Even though I know the whole she’s gonna be/is pregnant thing… some hell’a squeaky noise just came out of my mouth when she picked up the test. 


'This counts as one.' - You've got to give it to Andy.


Andy is my hero.


because he reminds me of this adorable sod.


Drunk Ben also my hero.

rizzoli and isles rizzoli & isles gif

Leslie and Ben’s phone conversation.

the laughing in the first one though :') gif

Lesie and Ben’s family conversation.

holy trinity grace helbig gif

Baby Knope-Wyatt


Not gonna lie my thoughts went straight to SNL and


'You are the proof that we've been doing it, making super sexy nasty, your momma and dada been doin' it.'


Hello there sunlight.

So tired…


Cersei Lannister.

The woman is a psycho bitch but she’s a psycho bitch with great hair.

I love Judge Judy.

She’s all -


… still sexy though.

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